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First Responders Strength Training

4-Week Training Program (w/ 2 personal training sessions)

  • 1 h
  • 315 Canadian dollars
  • Meadow Park Sports Centre

Service Description

Need a strength coach to design a resistance training program and help you achieve your 2024 goals? In addition, are you keen to know your lower body functional strength, explosive power, dynamic balance, and your ability to maintain explosiveness under increase levels of fatigue? This Pre-Post assessment is FREE when you commit to the 4-week training program. Would you like to perform testing methods used for Olympic Athletes to determine your physical qualities and track progress? Using Gold Standard dual force plate system, you can test your lower body strength, power, dynamic balance, and the ability to maintain explosiveness as fatigue increases. From the results along with your fitness training goals, I will design an effective 4-week training program to assist you accomplish your goals. Whether it’s for improving sport performance, reducing the likelihood of sports injury, post ACL surgery, moving better, or completing daily tasks, this assessment is for all levels. If you are ready to commit to a lifestyle change or getting stronger for sport performance, I am committed to assist! What this program offers: ➢ Free Pre & Post 4-week training Training Assessments (Strength, Power, Dynamic Balance, & Muscular Fatigue Asymmetry) ➢ 4x/wk Training program for 4 weeks ➢ 2 Personal Training Sessions (6 training sessions on your own) ➢ Unlimited Consultations (Meet in person, emails or phone calls) ➢ Cost: $315 (Taxes and external trainer fees included; does not include client gym drop in fee) Purpose of each test: Strength- Assess maximum strength your lower body is capable of producing using a method called isometric mid thigh pull (IMTP). Utilizing isometric mid-thigh pull test, we can find out your absolute strength, relative strength, and right and left leg strength differences. Power- Assess your lower body explosiveness by performing a countermovement vertical jump. This jump test will also assess the load differences on your right and left leg during the unloading, take off and landing phase. Dynamic Balance – Assess your ability to absorb landing force and regain balance as quickly as possible upon landing. The ability to land repeatedly with low impact force is important to spare the joints and reduce the likelihood of an injury to the lower extremity. Muscular Fatigue Asymmetry: Assess the ability to sustain power as fatigue increases. #EmbraceTheProcess #BelieveInTheProcess #BelieveInYourself

Contact Details


1080 Legacy Way, Whistler, BC, Canada The Hub - 2nd floor

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